Mark Alexander Williams


by Mark Williams

Today I finished the last transcription of my interviews and focus group. It was hard and robotic work and I can see why people make use of things like fiverr to get people to do it for them. I tried using Google Docs voice to text facility too, but it only really works if you're sat in front of the device talking.

Nevertheless, I have 28'000 words of inspired feedback from students across the two subject areas that I am studying. What is useful about the process of doing it yourself, is that you hear the inflections in the voice and how the participant is framing the speech. You also get a sense of emerging and interrelating themes.

I now move on to the coding and analysis phase. My research is going to test out some of the statements provided by the JISC/NUS Digital Benchmarking toolthat arose from the initial JISC Digital Experience tracker and how they apply within creative Higher Education, specifically at Falmouth University.