Mark Alexander Williams

Hand in!

by Mark Williams

I handed in the MA Dissertation a couple of weeks ago and I've now submitted the associated Journal Article summary.

Writing the article gave me time to reflect on the MA and I would probably have changed some of the themes in hindsight. Re-writing sections and condensing material made me see links that I'd previously dismissed or were just invisible in the 15000 words.

But hey, it's done now. I've submitted for EDU170 and will wait with bated breath on the results. I'm also waiting on the outcome of my CMALT submission and i'm due to start a new role in Ed Tech in the coming weeks.

I had a drop off in motivation over the last couple of weeks of writing, but now I feel the weight has lifted a bit, I'm remembering why I was interested in the research in the first place. I'm looking at ways to practically support students further in use of technology and build digital capabilities of educators too.